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For sale – Western Reserve Spinners & Weavers

You can list your equipment for sale on our site by leaving a comment below. Please be sure to provide the following information:

  • Description of what you are trying to sell:
    • maker and age of loom or spinning wheel.
    • number of shafts/treadles.
    • any extras that are included such as books, tools, bench, fiber, etc.
  • Your Location - our Guild is in Northeast Ohio.
  • LINK to a good quality photograph, on Flicker or other photo website, (clear, not blurry) of the loom or spinning wheel.
  • CONTACT INFORMATION - Your name, phone number and email should be in the body of your advertisement.

Ads will be removed after 6 months and you may re-post at that time.

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Other places where you can list your looms for sale:

Ravelry's Warped Weavers Marketplace. You do have to join the site to post, but it's free and easy to do.

Fiber Equipment and Barter Page. Scroll to bottom for instructions on how to list your looms for sale.

Western Reserve Spinners & Weavers Guild assumes no responsibility for merchandise located through this site.

12 thoughts on “For sale – Western Reserve Spinners & Weavers

  1. Ann Friebertshauser

    For Sale: $450

    32" Ashford Rigid Heddle Loom with stand
    Variable dent heddle set (Never used)
    2 Heddles (12 dpi & 7.5 dpi)
    Ashford Book of Rigid Heddle Weaving

    Contact information:

    Ann Friebertshauser

  2. Linda McSween

    Estate Sale, must sell Schacht 45”, 8 Shaft, Low Castle, Maple, 10 treadle, Standard Floor loom, as well as a Schacht maple bench and MANY additional items, that include shuttles, patterns and bags of yarns. Excellent condition.

    Serial number 8-433. Photos available.

    Loom & extra are now located in Euclid, OH.

    Must sell within the next 2 months.


  3. Bill JOY

    I have a LECLERC – DOROTHY 24” (23 ½” weaving width) TABLE LOOM.
    Purchased in 2001.
    8 shaft, 12 dents per inch, 600 wire heddles.
    Two shuttles, 11 bobbins, one reed and heddle hook, several spools of fiber, (weaving material , wife was the weaver). Other accessories, instructions and “WARP AND WEAVE” book.
    Send me your email address and I will send pictures.
    Price $875.00
    Avon Lake
    Bill Joy, 440-420-1632, email -

  4. Barbara S White

    I have two looms for sale:

    One is a good old Union with everything original plus some 2x4s to lift it for a taller person (me) which are removable. Good shape with part of the original decal on front. $200 OBO

    The other is a LeClerc Nilus 12 harness/14 treadle low castle loom, 48" weaving width. It folds up for a smaller footprint, which is nice, and has a sectional warp beam which is convertible to a regular warp beam. It comes with a 12 dent reed, a large bench with both open and closed storage, extra heddles, beaming guides, and treadle springs. It is in very good shape save a couple marks where the metal shafts that open and close the warp beam to and from the castle (closing for storage) have scraped, and two small scratches on the breast beam from temple teeth. It is a beautiful piece of furniture. This loom is no longer available from LeClerc. $3000 OBO.

    Pictures are available for folks who are sincerely interested. They can also call me at 740-452-5350. We could Skype or Messenger and I can show them the real deal! 😉

    I live in SE Ohio but can negotiate delivery with my truck . Of course, pick up is preferred.

    Barbara White, Zanesville

    1. Cindy

      I'm looking for an 8 or 10 dent 45" or 46" reed for a Schacht floor loom. If not sold as of yet, and if you're willing to mail, please contact.
      I have no idea what Twp means.

      Moderator Edit: Twp means Township

  5. Nancy L Danielson

    We are moving and selling:
    Schacht 4 shaft 45 inch weaving loom in excellent condition. Includes bench, shuttles, bobbins, bobbin winder & threader,and 3 reeds. $500 OBO. Needs to be picked up in Auburn Twp.

    Email Nancy Danielson at:

  6. Margaret Myer


    ONE WARP BEAM IS A SECTIONAL WARP. $2000. Leclerc no longer makes this
    particular loom. Their current equivalent costs about $6000. Comes with a loom bench.

    $1500.If bought new would cost close to $4000.

    Will deliver the looms disassembled within a 200 mile radius of Akron OH.

    Email Margaret Myer at

  7. Julie Beal

    I have two looms for sale.

    The first is a vintage Arthur Weitzenfeld Tools of the Trade table loom from the late 70's, early 80's. It is a 4 harness loom with the levers in the front. I cleaned up beautiful wood, replaced almost all the hardware with new stainless steel. I have the original heddles, but since I thought I would do some heavy weaving on it, I changed the heddles on two harnesses to new large inserted eye heddles. I gave the whole thing several rubdowns of Howards to feed the wood and mink-oiled the leather handle and tag. Two of the harnesses are slightly warped, but as I only know how to weave on a two harness Saori loom, I only have two harnesses on the TOTT loom. I also purchased a Viking 6 dent reed for heavier weaving as well, but the 12 dent original reed is in excellent condition.
    I am asking $350 for this loom, local pickup.

    I am also selling my Japanese Saori Piccolo floor loom, the smaller of the portable looms. The Piccolo is a 2 harness, two treadle loom with a small footprint. Along with the ease of weaving on this folding loom with its small footprint and lightweight portability, the legs 2 height adjustments children and adults weave comfortably.
    For more information and a picture of a Piccolo, see the Saori Global website at

    My Piccolo has the bobbin winder and shelf listed as optional on the page, and has other amenities as well that are specifically for the Piccolo and won't fit my other Saori loom. The Piccolo is barely used, and gently at that. It retails for $1125, only available from Saori dealers, and I am asking $950 with local pickup.

    Location - Kent, Ohio

    Contact by email -

  8. Sheri Gittinger

    I have decided to let my lovely Rose and all her accessories go. She has been lightly used and looking for a good home. Here’s what is included:

    Rose wheel (double treadle, 2 whorls, delta & fine fiber orifices)
    2 wood bobbins
    6 plastic bobbins
    Plying Kit: Delta orifice with 2 large capacity wood bobbins
    Woolee Winder with FOUR bobbins

    EXTRAS: denim padded travel bag, lap cloth, Rose lazy kate, spare tension spring and little basket to hold tools on the wheel

    Will not ship, but will consider meeting part way in northeast Ohio.
    Price for entire package is $1600.
    Contact Sheri by e-mail: if interested. Thanks.


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