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For sale – Western Reserve Spinners & Weavers

You can list your equipment for sale on our site by leaving a comment below. Please be sure to provide the following information:

  • Description of what you are trying to sell:
    • maker and age of loom or spinning wheel.
    • number of shafts/treadles.
    • any extras that are included such as books, tools, bench, fiber, etc.
  • Your Location - our Guild is in Northeast Ohio.
  • LINK to a good quality photograph, on Flicker or other photo website, (clear, not blurry) of the loom or spinning wheel.
  • CONTACT INFORMATION - Your name, phone number and email should be in the body of your advertisement.

Ads will be removed after 6 months and you may re-post at that time.

You can also sign up to receive updates to this page by using the Subscribe to Comments feature below. Sign up so that you'll be the first to know when something new comes on the market.

Other places where you can list your looms for sale:

Ravelry's Warped Weavers Marketplace. You do have to join the site to post, but it's free and easy to do.

Weavolution's For Sale or Trade Forum. Again, you have to join as a member to post.

Fiber Equipment and Barter Page. Scroll to bottom for instructions on how to list your looms for sale.

Western Reserve Spinners & Weavers Guild assumes no responsibility for merchandise located through this site.

8 thoughts on “For sale – Western Reserve Spinners & Weavers

  1. mary

    For Sale: 48" Cranbrook Countermarche floor loom with two warp beams. Solid maple like new. 10 treadles. One owner made for me. All equipment to have a weaving studio including warping wheels. price much less than the replacement value of $13,000. Mary Clement in Portland, TN at 615-559-5272. Pictures on my facebook and I will send them if you email me at

  2. Nancy Curtiss

    Glimakra Freja Tapestry Loom -
    Includes Hokett tiny turned beater and Glimakra Tapestry bobbins. The loom is in its wrapper ready to assemble....a small table tapestry loom. Anyone interested could come to my house, see the pieces and make an offer. All are perfect.
    Yes, I will sell all of it for less depending on what a buyer would take.

    Interested? Please contact former member Patricia Wilks, 440.231.6562.

  3. Nancy Curtiss

    Louet S10 Double Treadle Concept Wheel -
    Scotch tension, standard flyer and bobbin, Lazy Kate. The wheel I only used for maybe 2 months once my niece put it together.
    I also have hackles I bought from Susan Conover and many amounts of fibers ready to spin in colors, done handpainted which will go with the wheel.
    Yes, I will sell all of it for less depending on what a buyer would take.

    Interested? Please contact former member Patricia Wilks, 440.231.6562.

  4. Carol A Volle

    I have my mother's 36" 4 harness Harrisville Designs floor loom with matching bench and every associated gadget & piece. Also have two huge containers of thread (including wool, silk, etc,), pattern books, samples, etc. She was an avid weaver, but was also of the generation who took exemplary care of those things that mattered to her.

    Looking for someone who will use it and will offer a reasonable price for everything. We are located in Espyville, PA (across the Causeway from Andover Ohio). Thank you!

    Contact Carol at

  5. Shelley Marchand

    I am selling a Baby Mac (CP1), 20", 4H/8T with room to expand to 6H. She folds easily and has a handle -- you can fold her with a warp in place and easily load her into the back of a car. I transported her several times to workshops and it was fairly easy. It does weight about 60 pounds so you'll need someone else to help you.
    Asking $500. Located in Youngstown, Ohio.
    The loom doesn't have a reed or any sticks. It does have an additional sectional beam and new heddles.

    As long as I've owned it, it has been stored inside the house. Contact me at 330-788-2999

  6. Nora Eason

    Nancy Hart has a CHERRY Schacht loom for sale in Chardon, Ohio.
    8 shafts, 10 treadles, 46 inch weaving width. $5,400.
    Contact her at 440-286-2181.

  7. Sheri Gittinger

    FOR SALE: Louet Classic Drum Carder for fine, medium and coarse fibers; 7.5" wide
    Paid $500, asking $325 - negotiable
    Excellent condition

    Contact Susan Treen 440-661-0709
    *also available a 44" X 32" wood work table $50
    Box of old spools & spindles from early 1900's
    4 years of Spin Off Magazine


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