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For sale – Western Reserve Spinners & Weavers

You can list your equipment for sale on our site by leaving a comment below. Please be sure to provide the following information:

  • Description of what you are trying to sell:
    • maker and age of loom or spinning wheel.
    • number of shafts/treadles.
    • any extras that are included such as books, tools, bench, fiber, etc.
  • Your Location - our Guild is in Northeast Ohio.
  • LINK to a good quality photograph, on Flicker or other photo website, (clear, not blurry) of the loom or spinning wheel.
  • CONTACT INFORMATION - Your name, phone number and email should be in the body of your advertisement.

Ads will be removed after 6 months and you may re-post at that time.

You can also sign up to receive updates to this page by using the Subscribe to Comments feature below. Sign up so that you'll be the first to know when something new comes on the market.

Other places where you can list your looms for sale:

Ravelry's Warped Weavers Marketplace. You do have to join the site to post, but it's free and easy to do.

Weavolution's For Sale or Trade Forum. Again, you have to join as a member to post.

Fiber Equipment and Barter Page. Scroll to bottom for instructions on how to list your looms for sale.

Western Reserve Spinners & Weavers Guild assumes no responsibility for merchandise located through this site.

4 thoughts on “For sale – Western Reserve Spinners & Weavers

  1. Sheri Gittinger

    FOR SALE: Louet Classic Drum Carder for fine, medium and coarse fibers; 7.5" wide
    Paid $500, asking $325 - negotiable
    Excellent condition

    Contact Susan Treen 440-661-0709
    *also available a 44" X 32" wood work table $50
    Box of old spools & spindles from early 1900's
    4 years of Spin Off Magazine

  2. Daniel Fishwick

    For Sale: Large spinning wheel, Very old, well over 100 years, perhaps dating more like two hundred years, since is was stored with a revolutionary war era cradle. I’m not a spinner, but it seems to be in tact. You can judge from the photographs. The diameter of the oak wheel is 50 inches. There are 12 spokes in the wheel. I’m not sure how to attach photos in this format, but send me an email note if you’re interested, and I’ll send a couple shots.
    Daniel Fishwick email

  3. Jennifer Roland

    For Sale: 15 inch Cricket Rigid Heddle Loom with stand, 2 heddles, warping pegs, pickup stick, shuttles and a pack of patterns! Only used a few times.
    Jennifer Roland
    Rome, Oh

  4. Michele R Clark

    I do not know alot about this wheel but it's for sale! Told it's 150 years old. 12 spokes, 24 inches round, I can send pictures to you. $125 please call 440-478-8415, thank you. Michele


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