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Have you felt overwhelmed by your stash? Has clutter stifled your creativity?  This month's program features our own President, JoEllen Salkin, who happens to also be a professional organizer! If you have been wanting to finally get organized, this is the meeting for you.

Mark your calendar for June 26 for our program: SIMPLE Ways to Organize Your Stash with JoEllen Salkin. 

From President JoEllen Salkin:

Every February, the Guild President issues a Challenge to members to create something, and those items are brought to the next February’s meeting.  This year I have challenged members to create something to donate, and have spoken with representatives from WomenSafe and the Friends of WomenSafe about donating to their respective organizations.  Of course, you are welcome to donate items to an organization of your choice, but if you would like to donate to WomenSafe they would be interested in hats, blankets, towels, small bags or purses, scarves, etc.  You may also create something that will be later auctioned at one of the many events that the Friends of WomenSafe hold throughout the year.  Representatives have been invited to our February 2019 meeting to accept our donations.

From President JoEllen Salkin:

Thanks to Mo Doerner and Sheri Gittinger for their time reviewing and revising the WRSW By-Laws.  These were approved by the membership on May 22nd, and have now been added to our documents section of the web site.

Now that these have changed, we need to also adjust our WRSW Jobs and Responsibilities Handbook.  Please contact JoEllen at joellenks at sbcglobal dot net if you are interested in helping with that revision.