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I"m happy to report that as of 10/19/19 we have 8 people registered for our Spring weaving workshop "Yer Granny's Overshot" with Janet Dawson.  Just a reminder that at the end of the month I'll be opening registration to non-guild members.  At present there are just 6 places left, and then I'll begin a Wait List.  This will be a great event that is jam-packed with learning and samples.  Full information may be found on our Workshops tab, or in the October/November edition of the guild newsletter.

Hi all.

Just a quick reminder:

Our next meeting is October 22, 2019.  Robbie Grodin is our speaker. She will be presenting     A journey into EcoDyeing and Clothing.

We will also be voting on next years officers:


Western Reserve Spinners and Weavers Guild Slate of Officers for 2020

President                          Regina Harden

Vice-President                 Robert Breitzmann

Secretary                          Laramie McEnaney

Treasurer                           Nora Eason


Meeting is at  Lake Farmpark

8800 Charon Rd

Kirtland Ohio

6:00 - 7:00 social time

7:00 9:00 meeting and program




This round robin workshop will cover overshot basics like identifying blocks, tromp-as-writ, star vs. rose fashion, and opposites. With that foundation, we’ll move beyond traditional patterns and treadling to variations like Italian, flamepoint, swivel, petit point, shadow, treadled as lace, and more. If time allows, we'll also look at name drafting and other methods of designing original overshot patterns for four shafts.

A flyer is now posted on our workshops tab at

Registration is now open for all WRSW members, and non-members may register beginning 11/1/2019.


Hi -  Just a quick reminder:

Sally Vourlojianis has asked me to remind you that she will bring bags of donated fiber and equipment  to the Tuesday 9/24 meeting.   She requests that you bring $1 bills to purchase these.  Proceeds will be deposited into the Guild General Fund.

The bag weights range from 2 oz to 3+ lb. Prices are $1-2-3 per bag.
Fibers are animal origin and most are not labeled.