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Thanks to Bob who noticed the discrepancy.... our next meeting is on Tuesday November 19th.  This allows us to meet at Farmpark in the theater, rather than having to go to a different facility in the week of Thanksgiving.

We look forward to having special award-winning Cleveland artist Deb Silver as our speaker to present a PowerPoint presentation on the split-shed weaving technique and talk about her art and creative process.  She will bring her split-shed samples to peruse and, of course, copies of her new book, The Technique of Split-shed Weaving, which recently came out in print.

Please mark your calendars for next Tuesday, November 19th, at the Farmpark theater.

We now have 11 people registered for our Overshot workshop with Janet Dawson.  YAY!  That means that there are only 3 places left!  Please contact Nancy Curtiss to ask about availability before you send in your registration at this point, to know if there will be a space for you, or if you may need to go on the Wait List.  I'm happy to hold a place for a couple of days to allow for the mails, but we'd need to set this up in advance so that I don't give "your" space to someone else.   And there's just 8 more days before we open to non-guild members!

I"m happy to report that as of 10/19/19 we have 8 people registered for our Spring weaving workshop "Yer Granny's Overshot" with Janet Dawson.  Just a reminder that at the end of the month I'll be opening registration to non-guild members.  At present there are just 6 places left, and then I'll begin a Wait List.  This will be a great event that is jam-packed with learning and samples.  Full information may be found on our Workshops tab, or in the October/November edition of the guild newsletter.

This round robin workshop will cover overshot basics like identifying blocks, tromp-as-writ, star vs. rose fashion, and opposites. With that foundation, we’ll move beyond traditional patterns and treadling to variations like Italian, flamepoint, swivel, petit point, shadow, treadled as lace, and more. If time allows, we'll also look at name drafting and other methods of designing original overshot patterns for four shafts.

A flyer is now posted on our workshops tab at

Registration is now open for all WRSW members, and non-members may register beginning 11/1/2019.