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The 2019 Programs and Workshops Committee is pleased to present our Calendar of Programs for the upcoming year.  Please note that all meetings are on Tuesday evenings, with the exception of our May Shearing Weekend event at Lake Metroparks Farmpark. All of these dates will be updated under the Schedule tab on the website. 

February 26, 2019      Member Icebreaker and President's Challenge/presentation by WomenSafe
March 26, 2019      Jennifer from Bracken Moss Farm, The Great Sheep Expedition
April 23, 2019      Jasmine Kornel - Student of Janice Lessman-Moss, Kent State University
May 11&12, 2019      Farmpark Shearing Weekend
June 25, 2019      Gwen Brown of Gwen Erin fibers
July 23, 2019      Potluck Picnic and Stash Relocation sale, The West Woods
August 27, 2019      Cheryl Laufer - Hands on Felting program
September 24, 2019      Susan Conover - The Olds Master Weaving Program experience
October 22, 2019      Robbie Grodin - A Journey into EcoDyeing and Clothing
November 19, 2019      Deb Silver, award winning weaver and artist

We are looking forward to our Fall Weaving workshop with Susan Conover and a focus on fine threads!  As of today, there are just 2 spaces open for this extraordinary workshop!   

The workshop is a great combination of learning about how to work with fine threads, important lessons on drafts, tools, and ergonomics, and finished projects in linen and cotton that are delightful for daily use, or unique and beautiful as heirlooms or special gifts.  At this point we have registrants from all over Northern Ohio.  Don't wish you had attended after the fact - sign up now!  Look for more information on our Fall Weaving Workshop on our Workshops tab at , or contact Nancy Curtiss, 2018 Programs Chair.

... have you found that to be true?  We love to talk about our plans and projects.  At our next meeting, on April 24th, I hope that we'll all come prepared to share those little inside secrets of the guild... places to study, events to attend, places to buy more fiber, and publications that we love.  Our discussion will be presented by subject matter: Festivals, Wool Shows, Publications, Conferences, Places to Study, Websites, Blogs, and Shopping sources.  And other topics, as they come up!  Please come prepared to share your favorite go-to places.  Provide dates/locations/catalogues as possible.  Bring samples of your favorite magazines or E-Zines.  Also bring a pen and paper or your Tablet to take notes of the information that interests you.  Each of us has at least one favorite "something" in this topic.  Tell us about it!

The next time someone asks you how you found out about something fiber related, you can tell them you found out at our local guild!

Exciting news!  On April 1 we opened up our fantastic Fall Weaving Workshop on 4S and 8S Twill Towels with Susan Conover to those outside of the guild, and we already have two registrations!  That bring our total to 10.  Only 5 spaces left!

We are looking forward to learning more about working with finer threads, and in the process be able to weave some beautiful twill towels.  I've seen samples of the finished products up close, and there are some lovely twill variations that could be used in so many different projects.  Learn more about this workshop by going to the workshops tab on the website, or by contacting Nancy Curtiss, 2018 Programs and Workshops Chair.

Spring - Our May Dye Workshop with Carol Soderlund is full!  One participant needed to step down, but her space was quickly picked up by one of the members on the wait list.

Fall - Our September Weaving workshop continues to fill up.  As of today we have 9 of 15 spaces filled.  If you're a weaver who has toyed with the idea of weaving fabric for lightweight jackets, blouses, or shawls and scarves, it's important to know how to work with finer threads.  This workshop will equip and empower you to be able to do just that.  Not only can you learn how to keep these threads under control, but by the end of the workshop you'll be well on your way to having some lovely twill towels for yourself!  Priority registration for WRSW members continues through Saturday, March 31.  On April 1 we'll be opening up registration to non-guild members.  I have heard that this workshop has already been posted in another local guild's newsletter, so we're sure to fill up fast.  For more information, please go to the Workshops tab.