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Fiber People are Sharing People…

... have you found that to be true?  We love to talk about our plans and projects.  At our next meeting, on April 24th, I hope that we'll all come prepared to share those little inside secrets of the guild... places to study, events to attend, places to buy more fiber, and publications that we love.  Our discussion will be presented by subject matter: Festivals, Wool Shows, Publications, Conferences, Places to Study, Websites, Blogs, and Shopping sources.  And other topics, as they come up!  Please come prepared to share your favorite go-to places.  Provide dates/locations/catalogues as possible.  Bring samples of your favorite magazines or E-Zines.  Also bring a pen and paper or your Tablet to take notes of the information that interests you.  Each of us has at least one favorite "something" in this topic.  Tell us about it!

The next time someone asks you how you found out about something fiber related, you can tell them you found out at our local guild!