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2020 WRSW Meetings and Programs

All meetings are at Lake Metroparks Farmpark (8800 Euclid Chardon Rd, Kirtland, OH 44094), unless noted.
Social Time 6-6:45 pm. Show and Tell 6:45 pm. Meeting at 7 pm.
DateTimeEventProgramOther Info
Oct 277 pmZoom MeetingCraft in America video on Randall Darwall
Nov 247 pmZoom MeetingJordan Salkin will present "Taking better photos of our fiber-art"Jordan is a professional photographer and will give us some tips on how to take better pictures of our weaving, spinning, felting, or dyeing.
Dec Holiday Luncheon and Gift ExchangeCANCELLED

SIGs (Special Interest Groups) are open to Members Only

2020 SIG Schedule

2020 Weaving SIG

Co-Facilitators: Tammy Howell and Nora Eason
There are many members who have made an investment in a floor or table loom over the years and often such pieces of equipment are collecting dust. This group offers a wonderful opportunity to fine-tune your skills and/or re-acquaint yourself with your equipment – all within the comfort of like-minded folks.
Sep 202-4 pmZOOM Krokbragd presented by Bobbie Shafer and Gail Ross
Nov 222-4 pmZOOMThick and Thin - Show and Tell by everyone

2020 Spinning SIG

Facilitator: Sally Vourlojianis
Let Sally know if you wish to lead or co-lead any meeting topics? Do you have suggestions for meeting places? We can reserve public meeting spots in addition to member homes.
Oct 17 or 2412n-4pLocation TBDSpindles: Spin and Ply
Leader: Suzanne Paquin
Field TripsTBATBACoordinated by Nancy Curtiss. Dates and Locations TBD

2020 Rigid Heddle SIG

Co-Facilitators: Linda Christopher and JoEllen Salkin
We will to continue exploring Jane Patrick’s book - The Weaver’s Idea Book Creative Cloth on a Rigid Heddle Loom. There will be four regularly scheduled times, and we will also plan schedule some additional days to meet and weave or sew.
Oct 182-4pZoomClasped Weft

2020 Felting SIG

Facilitator: Cheryl Laufer
We will continue to meet on the 2nd Tuesday of each month. Our group will focus on learning a new felting technique and apply it to a project.
Oct 1311a-2pCheryl LauferMore exploration with 3D resists. Led by Cheryl
Nov 1011a-2pCheryl LauferFelting Christmas Ornaments

2020 Dyeing SIG

The Dyeing SIG is a group that explores different techniques for dyeing fiber. The group meets on Saturday or Sunday, four or more times a year. At the first meeting we dyed skeins of plant based yarn. We have also done Eco Dyeing and Indigo dyeing. Future plans include gradient dyeing and dyeing wool. Co-Facilitators: Bob Breitzmann and Mo Doerner
Oct 10Cancelled Wool Acid Dye with yarn or roving
Nov 141-4 pmZOOMDiscussion on methods of ice/snow dyeing


2021 WRSW Meetings and Programs

All meetings are at Lake Metroparks Farmpark (8800 Euclid Chardon Rd, Kirtland, OH 44094), unless noted.
Social Time 6-6:45 pm. Show and Tell 6:45 pm. Meeting at 7 pm.
Jan No Meeting
Feb 236:45 pmReg Meeting - ZOOMPresident's Challenge. Review 2020 Audit and 2021 Budget
Mar 236:45 pmReg Meeting -ZOOMGuest speaker Mary Underwood - “Will that be one hump or two". The story of making camel blankets and her time with the tribe in Mongolia.
Apr 276:45 pmTentative at FarmparkLinda Bouck will lead us through examples of card band weaving
May 8-99 am-5 pmWoolfest Weekend Member Demonstrations at Farmpark
Jun 226:45 pmTentative at FarmparkSheri Isreal will demonstrate silk reeling, the process of unwinding silk worm cocoons
Jul 276 pm
West Woods ParkPicnic, stash exchange, spin-in and fiber dyeing extravaganza
Aug 246:45 pmTentative at FarmparkRoberta McAlister will speak on surface embellishments
Sep 286:45 pmTentative at FarmparkLinda Shevel from Three Sheep Farm will speak on Saori weaving
Oct 266:45 pmTentative at FarmparkVictoria Johnson-Parratt will share the museum quality weaving in the Cuyahoga Weaving Guild collection
Nov 236:45 pmTentative at FarmparkMember Fashion show. Wear your fiber-art!
DecTBAHoliday Luncheon and Gift Exchange

2021 SIG Schedule

2021 Weaving SIG

Co-Facilitators: Susan Conover and Nancy Curtiss
The Weaving SIG is looking forward to the new year as we begin a two-year study of Weaving
Essentials - what every weaver should know.  This will be geared to the weaver who wants to be
confident in the projects that they make, whether it's from their favorite magazine or book... or if
it comes from their own imagination. We'll have segments for Basic Principles, which are those
jewels or nuggets of information that will help you understand your tools and materials. We'll
also be introducing classic books that have served weavers faithfully for decades... materials
written by established, mature weavers for those who would come after them - us!
In addition, there will still be plenty of time for show and tell, for questions, for discussion, and
for general hi-jinks! Feel free to contact either Susan or Nancy if interested in joining this SIG in
Jan 172-4 pmZOOM
Nancy will present “Yarn: Stuff Woven Fabrics are Made Of” to include S&Z twist, twist per inch gauge, and angle of twist. Susan will review Sharon Aldermann’s Mastering Weave Structures: Transforming Ideas into Great Cloth
Feb 21
2-4 pmZOOMSusan will present “Burn Test for Fibers” to include wool, silk, linen, cotton, rayon , acetate, acrylics and polyester. Nancy will review Mary E. Black’s The Key to Weaving: A Textbook of Hand Weaving for the Beginning Weaver
Mar 212-4 pmZOOMNancy will present “Fiber Properties” to include absorbency, chemical reactions, elasticity, light resistance, resilience, strength and warmth of wool, silk, linen, cotton and rayon. Susan will review S.A. Zielinski’s Master Weaver Library Volumes 1-21
Apr 182-4 pmZOOMSusan will present “Determining Yardage” to include the Count system, the Tex system, the Denier system and the Yarn Balance. Nancy will review Helene Bress’ The Weaving Book: Patterns and Ideas
Sep 19Nancy will present “Common Novelty Yarn Styles & Knitting Yarns” to include boucle, cable, chenille, corkscrew, crepe, loop, etc. Susan will review Carol Strickler’s A Weaver’s Book of 8-Shaft Patterns
Oct 17Susan will present “Setts in all Their Glory” to include inch wraps in relation to sets and the rule of thumb formula for estimating sett for different weave structures. Nancy will review Irene Emery’s The Primary Structures of Fabrics

2021 Dyeing SIG

The Dyeing SIG is a group that explores different techniques for dyeing fiber. The group meets on Saturday or Sunday, four or more times a year. Co-Facilitators: Bob Breitzmann and Mo Doerner
Feb 131 pmZoomTopic TBD plus Show and share the items we dyed with ice and snow &
discussion on our methods and degree of our success
Mar or Apr1 pmPraxis
Activity at Praxis TBD
Jul 101 pmBob BreitzmannPainted Warps led by Bob Breitzmann
Sep 181 pmMo DoernerDyeing with goldenrod by Mo Doerner

2021 Spinning SIG

Co-Facilitators: Mardi Gauer and Flora Daniels
All meetings are via Zoom until further notice and will be Saturday's 10 am - 12 noon.
Jan 910a-12nSusan ConoverROC Day Spin-in
Mar 610a-12nTBDColor in Spinning
Apr 1010a-12nTerra RowlandBook Review - The Golden Thread. How Fabric Changed History. by Kassia St Clair
Jun 510a-12nNancy Curtiss
Jul 1010a-12nSusan ConoverSpin-in
Aug 710a-12nSusan ConoverSpin-in
Sep 1110a-12nMardi GauerSilk
Oct 1610a-12nSusan ConoverSpin-in
Nov 610a-12nFlora DanielsShave 'Em to Save 'Em
Dec 410a-12nSusan ConoverSpin-in