Dear WRSW Members,
    At our March meeting, in addition to the excellent program planned by Lisa Davis and Cindy Kolacz, we’ll be adding a brief time of tribute for our member, the late Uarda Taylor. First, there will be three special reference binders presented to the guild library from Uarda’s years of study. This will be followed by a special distribution of small sample pieces and cuttings from her projects.
    For this second tribute, we’ll have 25 Mystery Bags that contain random samples, and names will be drawn, and recipients may choose a bag. Any active guild member (meaning that your 2022 dues are paid up) may participate, whether you are in person, over ZOOM, or unable to attend the meeting.  If you are present, Nancy will bring paper so that you can place your name in the hat. If you’ll be over ZOOM or unable to attend but interested, please contact Nancy, and she will add your name to the hat.  She will make sure that you receive your bag, should your name be drawn.

    Nancy says that there is a wide variety of samples, and some bags that have been marked specifically for those who may have an interest in either sewing or in tapestry. We can’t guarantee who gets what bag, but at least if you don’t have an interest in these subjects, you won’t choose a bag that would not be helpful for you! The samples are of various sizes, fibers, and patterns, and we hope that they will be a source of inspiration to you, or enable you to work with handwovens and make something fun out of it.  Uarda was such a lover of learning and fiber play that we hope she’d be proud that her work will live on in the work of others!

A reminder that the March Guild meeting is next Tuesday, the 22nd. Come celebrate Spring’s arrival and learn about the ‘engineering marvel’ called a Pin Loom. Lisa Davis and Cindy Kolacz will lead the program and invite anyone who has a Pin Loom to bring it and/or anything you have made with one.

6:30 visit with other members

6:45 Show & Tell

7:00 Program, followed by business meeting

Hope to see you all in person, but if that doesn’t work for you:

Join Zoom Meeting…

Meeting ID: 815 2976 7111