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October and November meeting information

First - a reminder that our OCTOBER meeting will not be this coming Tuesday (10/27), but will be held on Friday, November  6th at 7PM at Lake Metroparks Farmpark .

     Please consider this an invitation to join the Western Reserve Spinners & Weavers as we hear from weaver, teacher, and lecturer Jette Vandermeiden about:

     Damask Goes North: the history of the tablecloth:  Where does the tablecloth come from? Why is it used? Tracing the emergence of the tablecloth through the centuries closely follows the movement of damask from the Middle East up to Scandinavia through Europe. The development of the drawloom and the Jacquard loom in Europe brought enormous cultural and societal changes to professional weavers of the time. Connections between religious and political events and the development of damasks and linens as royal textiles tell an interesting story of the influence of weaving on world events through the ages.

     Jette Vandermeiden is a dynamic speaker, teacher and accomplished drawloom weaver and has given lectures most recently at the 2014 Complex Weavers Seminar.  We are very excited to have her here in Northeastern Ohio.

Second, our NOVEMBER meeting will be held at our usual 4th Tuesday of the month, Tuesday November 24th at 7 PM at Lake Metroparks Farmpark.  Our guest speaker will be WRSW member Uarda Taylor, who will be presenting "Scotland Revisited".  We'll hear about her recent return to that lovely country to learn more about its art and textiles.  We'll also be voting on new members of the leadership team and finalizing our WRSW Jobs and Responsibilities Handbook.