Take in for the Wool Show is at this month’s meeting!

Message from Linda Christopher:
Thanks to all who signed up – and all are encouraged – to bring your fiber items in for the Farmpark Show – please remember to fill out a “Show-n-Tell” form  http://members.wrspinweave.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/2017-WRSW-SHOW-N-TELL-FORM.pdf and include it with each item you bring for the take-in at the August 22nd meeting. If you want to sell your item, put the sales price on the paper also. Show committee hopes everyone will contribute! Let’s make this show rock!


Upcoming Meeting – History of our Guild

Tuesday, August 22, 2017 at Lake Farmpark, 8800 Euclid Chardon Rd., Kirtland

Come early to socialize- 6:45 pm is show and tell, followed by meeting and program

Hope you have had an opportunity to review the documents you received (as attachments) in your e-mail from our President last week. If you haven’t, please take some time to read over the proposed Anniversary Program and edited SIG guidelines. We will be voting on those two items, in addition to dues,

Also PLEASE do not forget to bring your wool creations for Linda so she can organize everything to be displayed in our fall show at Farmpark’s Wool Jamboree!  Let’s show the community what you can do with WOOL!! 

New Documents for Review

From President JoEllen Salkin:

We have added two documents for you to review prior to our August 22nd meeting.  The first is SIG Guidelines; you may recall, that it was included in last year’s SIG Newsletter.  At this time the Executive Committee is recommending that these guidelines be formally included in the Guild Handbook.  Second is the Reimbursement Award for Active Membership, which has been developed this year by the Reimbursement Committee.  This document more clearly defines ‘active’ for the purposes of awarding scholarships to guild members.  The Executive Committee has also recommended that these changes be formally adopted.  Both will be voted upon at our August meeting.

Please log in to the Members site and go to the Documents page to review these new documents.