Special Interest Groups (SIG)

Special Interest Groups (SIGs) were introduced to WRSW in 2015. A Special Interest Group can be defined as “a community within a larger organization with a shared interest in advancing a specific area of knowledge.” Our SIGs have a range of current interests which include: Dyeing, Felting, Small Loom Weaving, Spinning, and Weaving. The group activities and meetings offered in the SIGs are available to WRSW members only and are not open to non-guild members or guests. Please read more, and discover the potential of what awaits you.

Focus on Felt SIG : Are you interested in playing with fibers and color? Do you like to think outside of the box? If so, then felting may be for you! It may be as simple a creating felted soaps for gifts or ornaments to decorate your home, and yet it can be so complex as to create beautiful hats and clothing. Your imagination is your only limit! The Felting SIG meets monthly with techniques and projects to help the newest felter as well as inspiration to take the artist to the next level. Learn more about our meetings by going here.

Spinning SIG: Making yarn by hand has been done for thousands of years, and has supplied the looms and needles for generations. Once the only means of subsistence, handspinning is now a way to create unique yarns for one of a kind projects. The Spinning SIG focuses on fine tuning the skills needed for fiber preparation and spinning to help you create the kind of yarns that you want to make. Members need to be able to make a continuous yarn in order to enjoy all the information shared in this group. Learn more about our meetings by going here.

Weaving SIG: Have you made an investment in a floor or table loom over the years and find that all it’s doing is collecting dust? This group offers a wonderful opportunity to fine-tune your skills and/or re-acquaint yourself with your equipment—all within the comfort of like-minded folks. Learn more about our meetings by going here.

Dyeing SIG: Chemistry…. is fun!!! Especially when you combine it with learning about how to dye fibers and fabrics. Dyeing allows you to really add your own individuality to your project because you can determine right down to the shade you desire. This group is all about the exploration, and each session will find us learning a new process or honing a familiar one. Start coloring outside the lines and learn more about our meetings by going here.

Small Loom SIG: We love small looms! Portability and cost effectiveness aside, the popularity of rigid heddle, inkle, and pin looms cannot be denied. Compact looms like these provide so much more than a basic scarf, table runner or belt. Learn special techniques that will incorporate fiber, color, and patterns, as well as Saori inspired principles. You will create cloth for clothing, gifts, and items for the home while being inspired by other weavers. Learn more about our meetings by going here.