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Special Interest Groups (SIG)

The Western Reserve Guild is privileged to have an enthusiastic program committee that introduced a variety of Special Interest Groups (SIGs) in 2015. A Special Interest Group can be defined as "a community within a larger organization with a shared interest in advancing a specific area of knowledge...". A new benefit of the Western Reserve Spinners and Weavers Guild membership includes the option to join the SIG(s) of your choice.

Focus on Felt SIG : The Felting SIG plans a few months at a time based on current interest, sharing of information from a recent class or prior discussion of desired techniques to learn.  Facilitator: Cheryl Laufer

Spinning SIG: The Spinning SIG is focues on fine tuning spinning skills. Members need to be able to make a continuous yarn in order to enjoy all the information shared.                                                                                                                                   Co-Facilitator: Sally Vourlojianis

Weaving SIG: There are members who have made an investment in a floor or table loom over the years and often such pieces of equipment are collecting dust. This group offers a wonderful opportunity to fine-tune your skills and/or re-acquaint yourself with your equipment—all within the comfort of like-minded folks.            Co-Facilitator: Nora Eason

Dyeing SIG: The Dyeing SIG is a group that explores different techniques for dyeing fiber. The group meets on Saturday or Sunday, four or more times a year. At the first meeting we dyed skeins of plant based yarn. We have also done Eco Dyeing and Indigo dyeing. Future plans include gradient dyeing and dyeing wool. Co-Facilitators: Bob Breitzmann and Mo Doerner

Rigid Heddle SIG: Interested in learning to weave ? The rigid heddle loom can be an inexpensive entry to basic weaving techniques. Our beginnings were in a WRSW sponsored workshop led by Constance Hall in the fall of 2016. She taught basic techniques and referred the group to books covering advanced patterns that a rigid heddle loom is capable of. We have been working our way through Jane Patrick's "The Weaver's Idea Book, creative cloth on a rigid heddle loom". We are also exploring Saori-inspired weaving on our looms.                                                            Co-Facilitators: Linda Christopher and JoEllen Salkin