New Documents for Review

From President JoEllen Salkin:

We have added two documents for you to review prior to our August 22nd meeting.  The first is SIG Guidelines; you may recall, that it was included in last year’s SIG Newsletter.  At this time the Executive Committee is recommending that these guidelines be formally included in the Guild Handbook.  Second is the Reimbursement Award for Active Membership, which has been developed this year by the Reimbursement Committee.  This document more clearly defines ‘active’ for the purposes of awarding scholarships to guild members.  The Executive Committee has also recommended that these changes be formally adopted.  Both will be voted upon at our August meeting.

Please log in to the Members site and go to the Documents page to review these new documents.

Cafe Press

From President JoEllen Salkin:

Easy Volunteer Opportunity

Looking for a volunteer who can set up a ‘store’ for WRSW on Café Press.  This would allow members to purchase items with the WRSW logo displayed.  There are many options available including clothing, hats, bumper stickers, license plates, mugs, etc.  We had a store in the past, and would like to resurrect it.  This project would entail completing some forms for the registration, selecting items to showcase, and periodically adding new items for sale.  We estimate an hour (or less) to set up, and a few minutes every month or two.  Interested?  First to contact JoEllen is the WINNER!

New Stash Relocation Form

From President JoEllen Salkin:

As was mentioned at the June meeting, a Stash Relocation Form has been created for you to use for the Stash Relocation event to be held at the WRSW Guild picnic on July 25th.  This form will assist you as you gather your unneeded materials and equipment for the sale, set price you are asking for each item and compute the percentage due back to the Guild to aid our library.  You will need to log in to the Members Site to access it. Looking forward to seeing you all at the picnic!!!