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From member Sue Ingrassia:

Come join us for an afternoon of craft demo-ing on Sunday, June 3. Wool Hollow is a small local event held at the Chesterland Historical Foundation at the corner of Mayfield (322) and Caves Road. It is from noon to 4 pm. There will be vendors and a food truck. If you have any fibery things you want to sell, please feel free to bring them. Costume is optional (19th century). Spinning, weaving, felting, quilting, lacing, knitting, crocheting or any other old craft is welcome.


-Sue Ingrassia, Trustee, Chesterland Historical Foundation

If you were unable to get to the April guild meeting and are available to demonstrate at May Shearing weekend at Lake Farmpark, please call or email me (440-781-2046 or and I will add you to the sign up list. Dates are Saturday, May12 and Sunday May 13. We will be demonstrating in the Exhibit Hall again this year.
As for Sunday - Mother’s Day - we have four members signed up for both morning and afternoon. If you can come out to Lake Farmpark for an hour or so on Sunday to join us, please do! Bring a spinning wheel, spindle, light weight loom, inkle loom, or kumihumi ring and stop in for a  fiber fix!

From Show Chair Linda Christopher:

Lake Farmpark is offering WRSW members the opportunity to teach a class during Wool Jamboree weekend. If you are interested, please send your proposal and/or questions to Andrea Pasquale (email address : Include class title, description, min/max students, supply/kit fees, space needs, length of class, etc. Paid class fees go to the instructor. 

This activity is separate from Guild members' demonstrations on Wool Jamboree weekend.

From member Lisa Davis:

I have a favor to ask.  I have been wanting to read Weaving as an Art Form by Theo Moorman.  The guild’s copy has apparently gone missing.  I checked in CleveNet, and The Cleveland Public Library had one copy so I placed a hold, but after waiting about a month, I received an email, that theirs has gone missing as well.  Could you put out a general call to the guild to see if anyone has the missing book, or if anyone who has their own copy would be willing to loan me theirs.
And, if you have WRSW's copy, please return it to Cindy, our Librarian.