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Dyeing Sig

The results of the survey shows that 20 people are interested in participating in a Dyeing SIG.

However, the survey didn’t ask for your names so we don’t know who you are.

To get things started, please send an Email to to answer the following...

  1. Your name
  1. Do you have any experience dyeing, or have you taken any classes on dyeing?
  1. Would you be willing to facilitate or co-facilitate the SIG. Extensive dyeing experience isn’t necessary since the group will most likely learn together.
  1. Do we want the meetings to be structured so we are all doing the dyeing together (like the felting SIG), or should someone present a technique and then we all go off and do the dying on our own (like the weaving SIG)?
  1. One complication for this group is finding a place to meet. Several people have volunteered their back yard or garage when the weather is nice, so maybe we only meet to dye together in the summer? Please share any thoughts you might have.