Ondulé Weaving: the what, the how, and a view of artist’s and craft’s people use of the technique. Ondule Weaving

Last summer, Liz Mather attended a weaving workshop at Peter’s Valley School of Craft to learn about Ondulé Weaving.  She came back from the workshop excited to share some of what she has learned.  The presentation will include an explanation of what Ondulé weaving is, how looms can be adapted to use the specially designed reeds, slides and hand’s-on examples of the resulting cloth, and an opportunity to see one loom-modification technique in person.

President’s Challenge
The theme for 2015 is “Handmade for My Home.”
Don’t forget to bring your Handmade Treasures to the February guild meeting.

Important vote on Jobs and Responsibilities Handbook and Flowchart

This Handbook will allow future executive committee members as well as committee and adjunct activity members a guideline to follow so that there is continuity to our organization for years to come.

Guild members have already voted a quorum on the Officers portion of this document at our September 22, 2015 meeting in order to pave the way for the Nominating Committee’s work. The vote to take place in February would include the Committee responsibilities, the addition of the Adjunct Activities and a month-by-month Flowchart to help with processes.

There will be time at the meeting for review and discussion.


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