Hi Guild Members…
We are in the process of creating a new retractable sign to represent our guild at a variety of venues.  This will be used when we demo  at LFP, additional sites, workshops, etc.

We would like to include pictures depicting all the SIGs work, to show the public what our craft is about.

Joan H. has attempted to use some of the photos that we sent her for show and tell on zoom over the past year, but the resolution was often compromised.

We are looking for high resolution pictures (which I believe can be just pictures taken on your cell phone) showing what you have been working on.  These pictures can include completed projects and those still in process, close ups of spinning wheels, looms, felting, dyeing equipment, etc.

We would like to get the artwork to the sign fabricators by early next week so that we can have a new sign for 2022.

Please send the pictures to jrhorwich@gmail.com



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