WRSW enjoys monthly general meetings from February through November each year. Workshops presented by both local and national or international teachers are generally in the Spring and Fall. Check back to our Events page for more information on these guild events. In addition to general meetings and workshops, WRSW also has speciallized special interest groups (SIGs) that are for members only. More information on this can be found on our SIG page.

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Member Since 1991

Meeting Tuesday

From President JoEllen Salkin:

Have you ever wondered how the Guild began?  Curious about how programming has changed over the years?  How much were dues in the early years and where did the members meet?  Unfortunately, Nancy Hart will not be able to join us as expected on Tuesday, but there are […]

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New Documents for Review

From President JoEllen Salkin:

We have added two documents for you to review prior to our August 22nd meeting.  The first is SIG Guidelines; you may recall, that it was included in last year’s SIG Newsletter.  At this time the Executive Committee is recommending that these guidelines be formally included […]

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Cafe Press

From President JoEllen Salkin:

Easy Volunteer Opportunity

Looking for a volunteer who can set up a ‘store’ for WRSW on Café Press.  This would allow members to purchase items with the WRSW logo displayed.  There are many options available including clothing, hats, bumper stickers, license plates, mugs, etc.  We had a store […]

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Message From Our President

From JoEllen Salkin:

Thanks to our great programs and informative guild business, our meetings so far this year have been running a full two hours.  We need to try to be more respectful to the staff at Lake Farmpark and be completely out of the building prior to

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New Show and Tell Form

From Susan Conover:
We have seen this form used at other guilds and know you are going to love this idea! If you are bringing some of your handiwork to share with others, please take the time to print out and fill in the form. We have a social hour from 6-7pm […]

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